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Online Student Records Request & Payment Solution

ScribOrder manages the processing and payment of student and alumni records requests.

ScribOrder Highlights

  • Transitions existing manual, paper-based processes into an automated solution
  • Streamlines and unifies the acceptance, payment, and fulfillment of student records for an entire district
  • Ensures FERPA compliance in a secure environment
  • Eliminates phone calls and faxes from verification companies
  • Generates money for the district

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ScribEnroll illustration


Online Student Enrollment & Re-Enrollment

ScribEnroll removes the hassle of paperwork from the enrollment process. Our secure platform manages the student application and enrollment process online and is available to families anytime, anywhere.

ScribEnroll Highlights

  • Provides a secure platform for personal information to be entered and stored
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating the paper, manual enrollment process
  • Manages all required documentation
  • Decreases call volumes
  • Enhances the family experience

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ScribChoice illustration-1


Online Student Choice, Magnet, & Program Placement

ScribChoice manages applications for students who desire to attend a school other than their zoned school.

ScribChoice Highlights

  • Addresses unique district needs through customization
  • Enables self-service for parents and students
  • Associates and links all family members through a family dashboard
  • Manages magnet programs and charter schools
  • Provides options for advanced lottery management options


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ScribTransfer illustration


Transfer Students Between K-12 Districts

It's as simple as selecting the state, district, and school from which to request student documents. We manage the rest!

ScribTransfer Highlights

  • Tracks “Unknown Dispositions” or ”Whereabout Unknowns”
  • Manages a centralized or decentralized fulfillment process
  • Saves time and money through e-document delivery
  • Enhances security over manual processing

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ScribPreK illustration


State Regulations, Verifications, & Payments

ScribPreK is a solution that manages the entire Pre-K qualification, application, and enrollment process online. 

  • Configurable enrollment application focused on family engagement
  • Eliminates the paper, manual enrollment process
  • For state programs, performs the income qualification process
  • For fee programs captures tuition payments
  • Manages all required documentation via an upload (mobile, too!)
  • Manages school location preferences, seat availability and placement
  • Manages preferences based on District criteria
  • Online scheduling and interviewing (where applicable)
  • On-the-fly translation to 132 languages
  • Integrated e-forms with language translation
  • Automated family notifications and reminders to encourage active family engagement
  • Comprehensive reporting to fulfill state and district reporting requirements


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ScribOnline illustration


K-12 Online Document Management System

ScribOnline is a hosted document management solution designed to address the unique needs of K-12 school districts.

ScribOnline Highlights

  • Reduces document discovery and storage expense
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Provides disaster recovery
  • Secures critical records
  • Eliminates paper
  • Manages and controls employee and student records


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ScribChain illustration


Blockchain Technology for Student Empowerment

ScribChain empowers your students to own academic records. Electronic student records can be sent to colleges and potential employers who are able to verify the authenticity of the record. The future is now with ScribChain. 

ScribChain Highlights

  • Transcripts from SIS are loaded annually for juniors and seniors
  • Juniors, seniors, and alumni upon their graduation are empowered to own and manage their own transcripts to send to any party such as colleges and employers
  • Colleges, universities, and third parties are able to verify the record's authenticity right from our website using the blockchain


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ScribFolders Illustration


Electronic Cumulative Records in a Virtual Folder

ScribFolders is a cumulative record application to capture records and forms from the first enrollment to final graduation.

ScribFolders Highlights

  • The electronic cumulative record follows the student as they matriculate, providing immediate access to teachers and administrators with permissions for access
  • Current paper records and documents created during the year can be uploaded via web capture
  • The electronic cumulative record eliminates paper records and the mix of electronic and paper
  • Ensures FERPA compliance
  • Eliminates paper folders and the need for filing cabinets allowing reclamation of district and school spaces


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ScribForms Illustration


Custom, Fillable, Signable & More

ScribForms are fillable forms completed online that support digital signatures and can be tracked and routed to specific users with privacy privileges. 

ScribForms Highlights

  • PDF and paper forms to e-Form conversion
  • On-the-fly translation to 132 languages (no more switching between translated enrollment application and English-only or limited translation PDF forms)
  • Mobile-friendly for an enhanced family experience
  • Enable remote, touchless access to required forms
  • Automate follow up on required forms
  • Digital Signatures with Blue Ribbon Digital Certification
  • Secure Access with Dual Authentication

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