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Bring Transparency to the Student Transfer Process

ScribTransfer eliminates the lack of transparency of student movement within and across districts. With ScribTransfer, K-12 districts gain clarity into student whereabouts so they can maintain or regain funding and accreditation. Districts that use ScribTransfer have been able to use student transfer data to prevent the loss of students by promoting their programming and making program changes to meet the needs of their community.

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Why ScribTransfer?


FERPA and SOC 2 Certified

Secure access to data is our top priority. In addition to meeting the highest standards of compliance, we have a strict process for verifying district representatives requesting student transfer data through ScribTransfer.


Efficient and Convenient for Staff

Eliminate phone calls, faxes, and emails while increasing communication with our online, real-time Order Tracker. Deliver e-Transcripts to verified district users across the U.S with ScribTransfer.


Data Transparency

Gain insight into student whereabouts and program interest so you can make program adjustments and ensure the accuracy of dropout and graduation rates.

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Understand Student Whereabouts…and More

With ScribTransfer, you know where all your students are going. Districts can track migration patterns with our data to increase student retention, but the benefits don’t stop there. Districts also use ScribTransfer to reclaim devices from students who have moved.

Served by ScribTransfer

K-12 Districts across the country are supported by Scribbles. Check out our case studies to hear their stories.

Columbus City Schools-Logo

Columbus City Schools

"Before the implementation of ScribTransfer, secretaries in our district handled record requests in a variety of ways, such as fax, email, driving back and forth, U.S. Mail, and UPS or FedEx. ScribTransfer has streamlined this process for us with a uniform method. The ScribTransfer process keeps record requests for us in an organized, manageable manner that secretaries can easily respond to."

Tonya Freeman, Supervisor of Central Enrollment and Div. of the Registrar

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Durham Public Schools-Logo

Durham Public Schools

"As we all know, we can’t entirely prevent dropouts, but we can improve upon the reporting, the tracking, and the accountability, and that’s what ScribTransfer provides."

Donna Hamm, Records Center Manager

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Kansas City Public Schools

"[With ScribTransfer] we can go in and maintain accurate dropout and graduation rates, which are really big deals with our accreditation. I would like to say that ScribTransfer has helped us with our accreditation status because of how easy it has been to track so many of our students that would otherwise have been listed as dropped out."

Shyla Louis, District Registrar Records Lead

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Outstanding Customer Service and Support for K-12 Districts, Families, and Students

We’re more than just software. Our responsive, friendly staff is one of the things that sets Scribbles apart. We’ll support your staff, students, and families throughout every step of your journey with us through our project management, consulting, and support services.


Preparation and Implementation

We’ll work with you and your staff as you prepare for the transition to a new system.


Program Launch

Communicating new programs and expectations to stakeholders is a key component of your success. We’ll work with your team to develop a launch and communication plan.


Ongoing Support

Once your program is launched, we don’t leave you hanging. Our support team is friendly and responsive to the needs of your staff, students, and families.

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