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Online K-12 Document Management

Through ScribOnline, school districts gain peace of mind that their alumni and staff data is secure and easily searchable for authorized users. Not to mention the space gained from the reduction in on-site storage needs.

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Why ScribOnline?


FERPA Compliant, SOC 2 Certified, 256 Encryption

Secure access to student, staff, and other school system data is our top priority. ScribOnline is hosted on AWS.


Efficient and Convenient for Staff

Alumni records, HR records, finance records, and other K-12 records are securely stored in an online system and easily accessible to credentialed staff.


Transparent Audit Trails

You and your staff will know exactly who accessed K-12 student or staff records through the audit trail within ScribOnline.

Served by ScribOnline

K-12 Districts across the country are supported by Scribbles. Check out our case studies to hear their stories.


Harnett County Schools

"Records could sit on somebody's desk for days or weeks at a time. By switching over and doing the process electronically, we can verify every step of each process we have. That just makes life a whole lot easier for everyone...People are really excited about the ease of use and other benefits we get."

Dr. Jermaine White, Assistant Superintendant

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Greeneville City Schools

"We embraced digitizing records because we knew that paper documents could be lost in case of a fire or flood. When I looked at Scribbles for this process, I was sold because it kept coming out on top every single time we evaluated a vendor. We started out by digitizing, storing documents, and using ScribOnline. ...prior to ScribOnline, we would've had to probably go to filing cabinets, send a fax, or make a copy."

Beverly Miller, Assistant Director of Schools

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Clark County School District

"Our community has been receptive to this new way of getting the records...We're actually way more efficient processing [with ScribOrder and ScribOnline]. So they definitely appreciate the speed at which we can process requests and get back to them."

Greg Manzi, Director of Student Record Services

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Outstanding Customer Service and Support for K-12 Districts, Families, and Students

We’re more than just software. Our responsive, friendly staff is one of the things that sets Scribbles apart. We’ll support your staff, students, and families throughout every step of your journey with us through our project management, consulting, and support services.


Preparation and Implementation

We’ll work with you and your staff as you prepare for the transition to a new system.


Program Launch

Communicating new programs and expectations to stakeholders is a key component of your success. We’ll work with your team to develop a launch and communication plan.


Ongoing Support

Once your program is launched, we don’t leave you hanging. Our support team is friendly and responsive to the needs of your staff, students, and families.

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