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A Records Fulfillment Service that is Easy, Fast, and Secure

ScribOrder eliminates the time, stress, security, and financial burdens of disorganized records processing that comes with manual, paper-, or PDF-based systems. With ScribOrder, K-12 schools and districts are no longer inundated with verification calls and in-person requests, payments can be collected easily online, records processing time can be reduced from days to minutes, and security risks are minimized.

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Why ScribOrder?


FERPA, AACRAO Compliant & SOC 2 Certified

Secure access to data is our top priority. ScribOrder is recognized for meeting the highest standards of compliance.


Efficient and Convenient for Students & Staff

Student records requests can be submitted and received from wherever, whenever.

Not to mention, IT staff barely have to lift a finger, and your office clerks will thank you.


Transparent Audit Trails

You and your staff will know exactly who accessed, sent, and received student records and funding with ScribOrder.

When It Comes To ScribOrder, You Have Options


ScribOrder Starter is a a great tool for any school system. With ScribOrder Essentials, you'll experience even faster processing and fulfillment.


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Districts Just Want To Have Funds

With ScribOrder, your district can produce revenue for your district through every transaction. ScribOrder eliminates paper receipts or the need to process cash, checks, or money orders. Monthly payments are made to the district. What’s not to love?

Served by ScribOrder

K-12 Districts across the country are supported by Scribbles. Check out our case studies to hear their stories.


Harnett County Schools

"I think Scribbles Software is great because it allows districts to submit student records promptly for current and former students to continue their education, for employment, or so they can obtain necessary resources and/or services they are seeking with just a few simple clicks."

Dr. Jermaine White, Assistant Superintendant

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Fresno USD

"Without being dramatic about it, we went from the earliest you could get a record being three business days...with ScribOrder, six minutes. We went from three days to six minutes was the earliest it took our clerks to see the request, pull it from either their Atlas, which is our CIS system, or Laserfiche, and send it electronically. Six minutes."

Steffanie Richmond, IT Analyst

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Seminole County Schools

"We are paperless. [Scribbles] eliminates travel times for the students; they don’t have to travel to the central office to drop anything off or go to the school to pick anything up. They’re excited when we share that we are using an electronic transcript process."

Carolyn Bedsole, Information Services Project Manager

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Outstanding Customer Service and Support for K-12 Districts, Families, and Students

We’re more than just software. Our responsive, friendly staff is one of the things that sets Scribbles apart. We’ll support your staff, students, and families throughout every step of your journey with us through our project management, consulting, and support services.


Preparation and Implementation

We’ll work with you and your staff as you prepare for the transition to a new system.


Program Launch

Communicating new programs and expectations to stakeholders is a key component of your success. We’ll work with your team to develop a launch and communication plan.


Ongoing Support

Once your program is launched, we don’t leave you hanging. Our support team is friendly and responsive to the needs of your staff, students, and families.

Ready to join the Scribbles Nest?

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