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Partnering with your School Community from Enrollment through Post-Graduation

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Our Mission

We believe that equitable access to government is a right and not a privilege.

Therefore, our mission is to engage the community by providing equitable, open access to school district resources and programs throughout the student lifecycle - beginning with enrollment and continuing post-graduation.

With this mission and a lot of hard work, Scribbles Software has grown quickly.

In fact, we are adding new districts daily!

We partner with K-12 educational communities to enhance, streamline, and simplify their student records processes to strengthen the family engagement experience.  


Scribbles Software History

Our Student Lifecycle Solutions exist to enhance the educational experience of students... always have, always will.

Prehistoric Bird

We are building the world's best full-service K-12 solutions company.

Many moons ago there was a spark. We decided that there was a better way to design, build, and implement software solutions to support K-12 school districts.

With that energy and determination, our adventure began; Bang! We created ScribOrder, a revenue generation solution for districts, and guess what? People loved it.

The rest is history.

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We never stop innovating, it's part of our DNA. 

From day one, we have focused on how to better serve our educational partners. Since the introduction of our flagship solution, ScribOrder, we have added an entire Student Lifecycle Solution Suite.

The foundation of Scribbles Software is based on forward-thinking and we do not plan to stop now. The successive generations of our technology have evolved to align with the ever-changing needs of K-12 School Districts. We are constantly looking to better our technology and find new solutions to support our schools and their students.


Education Stats

Staying on beat with our K-12 communities helps us meet educational needs. We can help market your STEM program with ScribChoice, Increase your Graduation Rate with ScribTransfer, and Enroll your youngest learners with ScribPreK.

US Jobs are STEM Focused
Graduation Rate of US Public Schools Students
Kids age 4 or younger enrolled in Early Learning Programs
Turn up the solutions!

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